"Experihance" - An interactive mixed reality wearable display solution to experience American football and cultural aspects related to it. 



'Experihance'  is a novel haptic wearable system that enhances the user experience of American football fans and enthusiasts especially foreign students. Its goal is to It has two core functionality - a detachable, powerless, interactive wearable component comprising of mid-air display, and a phone docking station and a feature rich mobile application that powers the wearable. 'Experihance' has been carefully crafted following the principles of User Experience Design process. This project is a collaboration between James Field, Eric Thompson and myself as part of Human Computer interaction course at Georgia Tech, USA. The theme of the projects was to   My contribution to the project was at every stage - user research, interviews, affinity mapping, hardware and software prototyping and alas, bringing it to you! The learning from this project has been exceptional and let's explore the various stages of the project.